1. Cooch Behar Palace.

Cooch Behar Palace stands at a distance of 05 km from K.V. Cooch Behar. It is located in the heart of the city. It bears a great significance of historical importance for about 400 Yrs. of Coach Dynasty. The palace was built after the Palace of Burkingham Palace in London.

2. Madan Mohan Temple

 Madan Mohan Temple is another great attraction for the pilgrims, the worshipper of Lord Madan Mohan (Lord Krishna). Every year the biggest fair in North Bengal holds in the adjacent ‘Rash Fair Maidan’ during Rash Purnima / Guru Purnima.

3. Sagar Dighi.

Sagar dighi is the biggest pond in Cooch Behar. It has a lotmany deep wells dug inside . All the Govt. Offices are established around the Sagar dighi.

4. Goshanimari Temple.

It is 10 km away from Cooch Behar. It is another attraction for the tourists. There is a spot of ruins of Ex-Cooch Behar Palace on account of devastating earthquake in Cooch Behar

5. Madhupur Dham / Haripur Dham / Shankar Dev.

Madhupur Dham is famous for Shankar Dev, a great religious guru and social reformer in the State of Assam. It is 10 km away from Cooch Behar. Haripur Dham is another Temple of Lord Shiva. The architecture of both the Dhams

6. Siva Temple at Baneswar.

It is a Siva Temple at Baneswar, 10 km away from Cooch Behar. There is a pond with tortoise (called ‘Mohan’) of 200-250 years old.

7. Siddheswary

This is temple of Siddeswar, 12 km away from Cooch Behar.All the temples have many types in common so far as sculpture and architectures are concerned.

8. Nal-Damayanti

The surface of the palace of Naldamayanti find ruines place in Jaygaon of tourist places of historical importance

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